Fourth ENS4Care eNewsletter

ENS4Care Fourth Quarterly eNewsletter (pdf download)

Evidence Based Guidelines
for Nursing and Social Care on eHealth Services 

 Welcome to the fourth  edition of the ENS4Care Project eNewsletter!
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The first draft EU guidelines
Work Package leaders presented their first draft guidelines on prevention, clinical practice, advanced roles, integrated care and nurse ePrescribing during the ENS4Care General Assembly held in Dublin on 22nd October 2014. 

Based on the selected best practices collected through the ENS4Care network across different European countries, the draft designed guidelines on nursing and social care eHealth services aims at supporting redesigning healthcare systems at local, regional and national level. Therefore, feedback from the consortium members, patients, carers, physicians, citizens, women, social workers, students and industry, during and after the General Assembly is crucial to make the guidelines fit for practice.
The guidelines include the scope of the guideline, the deployment process, key factors that can act as barriers and facilitators, outcomes and implications, and finally the relevant policy context required for the implementation.
The Work Package Leaders will collect partners’ input and will work on a second version of the guidelines that will be submitted as a first draft to the European Commission in February 2015.

Planning Implementation
Next to the guidelines elaboration, the ENS4Care General Assembly organised for the first time a roundtable with different representatives from Eastern European countries. Branka Rimac (Croatia), Veronika Di Cara (Czech Republic), Milka Vasileva (Bulgaria), Ecaterina Gulie (Romania), Iveta Lazarova and Jana Slovakova (Slovak Republic), and Ausra Volodkaite and Dale Kabasinskaite (Lithuania), discussed together the opportunities and challenges for implementing the guidelines in their countries.



Key issues for consideration are financing, translation of resources in local language and training to up skill the existing workforce. The focus would be to build partnerships with patient organisations and seek support from EU funds. Another challenge is that currently, health and social care systems are completely separate in many countries. Dale warned about the risk of undertaking many small-scale pilot studies that are not ultimately implemented at national level.

Views of partners

UEMO – Daniel Widmer
ENS4care is important for the UEMO (European Union of General Practitioners) as a meeting opportunity with others health professionals and stakeholders. The construction of the future organization of the health care system in Europe with the implementation of ICT, will necessitate coordination and patient centeredness. For those reasons UEMO is fully in a partnership position with the ENS4care project.


EIWH – Peggy Maguire
The innovative ENS4Care project gives the European Institute of Women’s Health (EIWH) the opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary Network, comprising of nurses, social workers and civil society working together to support better and more effective health systems. The sharing of knowledge and development of guidelines on the use of eHealth services by the nursing and social care professionals can support the prevention of non-communicable disease over the life course, transcending borders and language across the EU.

ENS4Care is ultimately looking at empowering all participants in the provision and pursuit of their health and wellbeing. The increase in chronic diseases is a huge burden on health systems and needs to be tackled on both individual and cross community levels. 


The EIWH believes that nurses and social workers are well placed to reach broad audiences from children to older people in their own community environments promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Through an increased knowledge and use of eHealth, nurses, social workers together with ENS4Care partners will look at strengthening independent living for older people who want to remain in their own homes supported by eHealth services to monitor wellbeing, share health information and medicines adherence. ENS4Care is an important project for creating a roadmap showing the wider use of eHealth for a more efficient and equitable health service delivery while keeping the patient at the center of care.

Next Step – Validation Panel
In April 2015, the guidelines will be final, after the sign off of a validation panel. The panel members will be selected in a randomized way. The panel members relate to having a clear view on what nursing and social care is about, of course having expertise in eHealth services, from both an academic and clinical perspective, and being critical aiming at improving the designed guidelines. The key issue is implementation. The entire evaluation process will be guided by Marina Lupare. If you feel you can contribute to the review of the 5 guidelines, please send us an email (ens4care@ens4care.eu). We are more than happy to include you in the selection procedure.

IFSW – Ian Johnston
Stressing the importance of developing coordinated local health and social services, the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) believes that when you are challenged by illness or disability it is essential that all you, your carers and the professionals supporting you, are able to make informed choices about the most appropriate treatment regime and model of care. The eHealth guidance that is being developed by the ENS4Care project will put up to date information at the fingertips of all concerned about the options open to you, including ICT and other specialised equipment that can be deployed to ensure your safety, enhance your well-being and enable you to retain or regain control over the services you are receiving and live as independently as possible. The IFSW is keen to see the development of social prescribing as an alternative or adjunct to other forms of treatment and an opportunity for those concerned with an individual’s care to take into account the efficacy and any side effects or risks associated with particular drugs or other clinical intervention in arriving at decisions about how that person’s needs can best be met. 


IFSW is pleased that the initial draft guidance that has been produced by the project focuses on healthy lifestyles, prevention and early intervention and points to the need for skills development for advanced roles such as those concerned with the protection of children and vulnerable adults and the urgent need to replace institutional service models with those that prevent illness and disability occurring in the first place. The right of all European citizens to freedom of movement and equitable access to integrated health and social care systems of a consistent quality are of course important elements of the project too.

1,6 Million Club Sweden (1,6 & 2,6 miljonerklubben) – Elizabeth Hammer ENS4care is important to our organisation as it enables us to widen our connections with similar organisations throughout Europe and allows us to influence the work and get a state-of-the art update of the development in the different important areas of eHealth services while creating these guidelines. Our main contribution lies within the dissemination process where we can distribute and raise awareness of the final guidelines, especially in the Nordic countries”.

Upcoming meetings

18-19 November – COCIR E-health Summit – The Summit will bring speakers from industry, local and regional healthcare providers around Europe and authorities to share their experiences on: Digital Hospitals, Regional and National Electronic Health Records, Big Data and mHealth. 

15 April 2015: ENS4Care General Assembly, Brussels, Belgium

International HPH Conference, June 10-12, 2015, Oslo – Submit abstract for the 2015 HPH conference Oslo at:  http://www.hphconferences.org/abstract-submission/about-submission.html

EHTEL 2014 Symposium “Innovating for Better Outcomes in Health and Social Care”, November 2014http://www.ehtel.eu/activities/ehtel symposium/ehtel-2014-symposium

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Upcoming events

24-25 November 2015

COCIR eHealth Summit

8 December 2015

ENS4Care Closing meeting

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