With the EU Institutions (European Council, European Parliament and European Commission) looking for better and more strategic and systematic research input to design “fit for purpose” health and social policies, there is no doubt that, when setting the EU political agenda and developing the nursing profession, nursing research and EU policy-making should go hand in hand, knowing that nurses look at improving the delivery of evidence-based care to strengthen quality and safety from a joined research and clinical practice perspective.

Therefore, the establishment of the European Nursing Research Foundation (ENRF) had been a key priority in 2017. The Foundation started to develop itself as independent organisation and set its priorities for the upcoming months/years, as well as reflecting on its future, and the importance of quality and rigorous research as the driving focus for Nursing in Europe. The ENRF has the ambition to become a reference point for the dialogue between researchers and policy-makers, with the purpose of translating knowledge into health and social policy, and improve our knowledge base when reforming national healthcare systems.

Looking back at all this process, we can be proud of the achievements done so far, with the support of EFN Members and all the people around us who believe in this project. 2018 will for sure be a milestone in the process of establishing the ENRF, building further on the 2017 achievements.

Looking forward to continuing this good collaboration in 2018, and make nursing research more visible at EU level.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!