The ENRF Board of Directors met in Brussels for their first face-to-face meeting of the year, to discuss the ENRF Strategic & Operational Priorities 2018, and which/how ENRF work can support the EFN policy work through up-to-date nursing research data. It raised up that the ENRF work on PROMS and PREMS inspired EFN Public Policy Committee discussions and is a good basis to take this policy work further, and the one on ANP will support the EFN Professional Committee developments on the EU health and education policies.

This was also a good opportunity for the Board of Directors to build alliances with EFN General Assembly and brief the EFN Members on the latest developments of the Foundation, that intends to be an evidence-based tool to inform EU decision making. Karen Bjøro, ENRF Founding Director & President, noted that a young and complex organisation like the Foundation takes time to develop and requires trust, financial support, commitment and collaboration.

And last but not least, this was also the occasion to say goodbye to the former ENRF Founding Director and President, Dr Máximo González Jurado, who was awarded the title of Honorary ENRF Director, in recognition of his service as the first EFN Founding Director and President of the European Nursing Research Foundation (2015-2017), for his key role in establishing the ENRF, and for his outstanding contribution to nursing and nursing research.